Sunday, November 15, 2015

Patriots Hat/Santa Hat

Hey there! Yes, I'm still around. Been in a funk for a year. We will see if I can keep this up. 

I was looking for a Santa Hat last year and ran across the "Penny's Santa Hat" from the Big Bang Theory. 

Absolutely freaking adorable.  I decided to try my hand. I couldn't make it work. 
I decided to try again this year and found one that called for 16" cable needles (Megan Dodson's "Penny's Santa Hat" on Yay! I like that. Some of the directions were a bit confusing - to me. But I'm an idiot knitter. (When it says to k5 k2tog 4x, I assumed they wanted me to do the decreases all the way around the tail, but the way the pattern read, they wanted me to do it for four rows. And the numbers didn't add up. It may have just been my tiredness level, but there were a couple of things like that. Just read it carefully. It will make sense.)

When looking at the photos of completed projects, I saw one someone had done one in Steelers (boo!) colors with a logo stitched in to the tail. Brilliant! (Except for the Steelers part). I decided forget Santa!
I need a NE Patriots hat! 
Never having done color strand work before, I gave up on that midway, deciding on duplicate stitch. Nope. Too many decreases. The stitches went off in too many different ways from the chart.   So, I will order some Swarovski crystals and make this thing sparkly!