Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Groupon Spelunking

I went looking for a specific item for a friend this morning on Groupon Goods.  It didn't occur to me to search for it because it had been advertised fairly recently and I figured I could scroll quickly and locate it.  Nope. I did encounter some interesting items though. 

You know it's a sports bra because it says so. Right on it!

"High-Compression, High-waisted Thong"
Loosely translated: wedgie machine.  Ow!

Awww Yeeeeeah.  Now this is something I can get behind. How many days until my birthday?

What is even going on here?

"Hand-painted" "Artisan". Sure.  There was a bridge I saw for sale the last time I was in NYC, too. 

I did find what I needed. I used the search bar.