Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Groupon Spelunking

I went looking for a specific item for a friend this morning on Groupon Goods.  It didn't occur to me to search for it because it had been advertised fairly recently and I figured I could scroll quickly and locate it.  Nope. I did encounter some interesting items though. 

You know it's a sports bra because it says so. Right on it!

"High-Compression, High-waisted Thong"
Loosely translated: wedgie machine.  Ow!

Awww Yeeeeeah.  Now this is something I can get behind. How many days until my birthday?

What is even going on here?

"Hand-painted" "Artisan". Sure.  There was a bridge I saw for sale the last time I was in NYC, too. 

I did find what I needed. I used the search bar. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Well, the Patriots won't be going to Super Bowl 50. They tried. I will cheer as hard as I can for whomever is playing opposite Peyton Manning. 

Something that took the sting out of the loss was this amazing wonton soup from this fab blog The Woks of Life

Omg. So good. 

It's a bit different than my potsticker recipe, more delicate.