Friday, November 21, 2014

And then there was light... or at least a sparkly little container for it

In the past couple of days I've had no fewer than five people say, "Do you blog? You should blog." with a few more, "just do it - don't stop. Just post stuff!" So here I am!  Here's my first post in... um... two years?? 

<crickets> yeah, that's what I thought.

So, basically I figure this is about my crafts, cooking, plants, yammering, friends,  what I think is funny, my kid, my husband, and... whatever else strikes my fancy.  Lest you think I'm good at any of this or this is going to be a "Martha Stewart" uber-mom kind of blog where the woman is always put together and perfectly groomed and has the perfect thank you note to pull out, or can put her hands on wrapping paper or craft supplies at a moment's notice.  THAT IS NOT ME! I know those women, and they are fabulous!  I can't keep my house clean.  I just did a project and tore my house apart to find a single paint brush.  I fail as often as I succeed.  But that's okay. I laugh in the face of failure, and like to share those too.

Now.  On to my project.  As many of you know, my mom passed when I was just barely pregnant with The Kid.  I haven't really been in a Christmas mood in many, many years.  It has slowly been coming back the past few years but this year.  HOLY COW!  It has slammed into me.  I had a somewhat tied together decoration plan years ago, but over the years it has all fallen apart (candles used up, things broken or worn out, random stuff bought... it's year 16 for Christmases for My Sweetie and I together).  I really need a refresh and a plan.  I've been stalking Pinterest.  That is such a great place.  It's a great bookmarking tool, as well as a great place to find ideas.  While I was there, I found this awesome idea from a blog called CakeryPapery.  

Now, I've been called a "sparkly woman" because of my love of glitter.  I knew I had to try it.  I love mason jars.  I love candles.  I love glitter.  It's a hat trick!  Could it be as easy as described? I mean for me. 

The squirrels in my brain decided TODAY'S THE DAY.  I found a mason jar.  After two hours of scrubbing, half a bottle of GooGone, a bottle of Advil and an hour waving off the fumes.  It was clean.  

Mostly clean. Good enough!  I had scrubbed long enough, and there was glittering to be done.  Seriously.

 A frantic search for a paint brush ensued, a struggle to open some strong glue (Elmer's super or some such), and glitter (I ALWAYS know where the glitter is), and I managed to acquire all the materials I needed to try this.

After the set up, it took about 4 minutes to do the rest of the project.  I mixed the glue and water to make a really light wash.  Swirled the glue wash around the inside of the jar with the paint brush, cleaned up any drips on the inside, then dumped the glitter into the bottom.  I stuck my hand over the top, went outside into the flipping cold and shook it all around to coat.  I put almost exactly enough in there. There was very little left over.  The coating was very thin, like I wanted.  I'll probably go through and brush some off when it's all dry.
A view into the mason jar - really a Wegman's Grandma's Sauce jar

I think it came out nicely.  I will probably hunt down some more jars now that this has gone so well.  Maybe do some in silver and a mix of silver and gold.

Next up - Cranberry Vodka!  No, I know I don't drink. It's still pretty!

Finished product - maybe I'll get pictures with a tea light in it eventually.  Don't hold out for too much.

(update - I rebooted all the way to a new name and started fresh.  Thank Cousin Kate for being clever). Don't fall over or anything, but I got a picture of it with a candle.  It' s gorgeous.

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